4 WashOut Presets

I love playing with Lightroom and often come up with presets that I keep using over and over again…. I’ve been using these a lot lately… and loving the outcome…

I’m not making these open for public download for now….but if anyone out there is interested just comment on the post and be sure to fill in a working email address…

Free Lightroom Preset (AngelGlow)

Anyone interested in these Lightroom Presets?

I’ve tested those on LR 2beta and 1,3. I made it using the LR 2 beta and reduced the clarity value. This is only an option in LR beta but the presets also work in 1,3 but justs sets the clarity to 0.

LR 2 examples will be posted later:

Here are Lightroom 1,3 examples:

For SOOC CP AngelGlow



For edited photos: CP AngelGlow 2