First we need to create our watermark.

I find it easier to use a non cropped photo as a foundation when I create a watermark, rather than starting with a blank file. So open up a photo of your choice, that hasn’t been cropped or is the size you normally would add your watermark in your work flow. I don’t really resize my photos in PhotoShop before uploading them to the web so I’ll use my normal SOOC size.


In this tutorial I use 3 text layers for the watermark. One for my initials, one for ‘photography’ and one for the copyright sign. It’s really up to you how many layers you use and/or what or how many colors.

Since the action I use in this tutorial will place the watermark in the lower right corner you can move the watermark layers in place to get the ‘feel’ for the final outcome.

If you have the watermark in several layers you select all the layers by holding down the Ctrl and click the layers in the layer palette and use the move tool to move it around or rotate it.

To rotate, hold down the Shift key and place the mouse over a corner of the watermark and drag it the way you want. You can also use this method for resizing it. Make sure you hold down the Shift key or you will distort the watermark.


Now we are ready to create our actual watermark file.

Select all the type layers and/or any other layers that belong to the watermark, right click and select Convert to Smart object.

You will notice the watermark layers will now be one layer looking something like this

smart object icon

Then just double click the Smart Object Layer you just created. A dialog box will appear, just click ok and a new image with your newly created watermark should pop up with the separated text layers visible. This is a good thing because if you ever decide to change the text, font or anything else, you can just go back to this file and wont have to create another one.


Now save your watermark file somewhere on your computer where it won’t accidentally get moved around. I just use the root directory on my C drive and create a folder named CP_Actions. Since I use files attached with my actions a bit I create another folder in there called CP Watermark.


Close the watermark file (make sure you remember where you just saved it 😉 )

Now download my simple watermark action (right click save as) and load it into your PhotoShop.

[download id=”2″]

Now you need to tell the action where you saved your watermark file.


Find the action in your action pallet. Click on the little arrow on the left and find a line where it says “Open”.

Double click that line and you’ll get an ‘open’ dialog box popping up. Now you need to browse to the folder where you just saved your watermark…and opnen it like you would normally open a file in PS.

You should now see that the path within the action has changed to your path.

You should now just close the watermark file again.

You can now select the action and click the ‘play’ button in your action palette to watermark your photos